Meet the Illustrators

  • Archana Dilip
    “The Crooked Crow, Lyrical Illustrated Edition” is Archana Dilip’s debut into the world of Children’s book illustrations. She grew up in Madurai, India with a passion to draw and paint. As a kid she has participated and won in several art competitions like Shankar’s International art competition, All India Camel Color Contest, Fevi Fairy’s etc. Now she illustrates Picture Books.
    “Drawing the subjects, locations, time periods, and acts of The Pachaihara Forest was a wonderful challenge. It’s also fun to be the one who gets to show the world what The Crooked Crow story will look like!” – Archana Dilip
    A grand welcome to Illustrator and friend, Archana Dilip to the Pachaihara Forest! Kudos to her for bringing the forest and the inhabitants to life with her rich and beautiful illustrations.


  • Shriya Bala
    She is a sparkling student of grade nine and an avid reader of books. She is a bright, athletic and vivacious child with many a talents.
    Apart from being a national level champ of kayaking she has a flair for effortlessly breathing life into the characters and the landscapes with her vivid and spell binding illustrations. It has been delightful to watch the characters and the woods visually emerge under her deft strokes.
    It is a heartfelt pleasure to welcome young fan and illustrator Shriya Bala to the woods of Pachaihara and the neighbouring realms.

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