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Lorkum’s Quest
The day started out ordinary enough for Akash, a middle grader going to a school for kids with special abilities. A middle grader who doesn’t consider himself to be endowed with any special skills. But everything changes during the science class. As the children vie with one another to answer creatively, they unwittingly cause a monster to materialize in the classroom. They find themselves pitted against an otherworldly monster who challenges them with four quests.
Failing would mean losing a classmate to a bleak and terrible fate in the monster world. Now it is up to the children to overcome the challenges, that test the limits of their courage, friendship, knowledge and more. Join Akash and his classmates as they step into an adventure…the likes of which they have never experienced before.
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The Crooked Crow Nutcat the wise
TheCrookedCrow_FrontCover NutcatTheWise_FrontCover
Follow Kako’s journey from Pachaihara forest to the dreaded Droom woods and back again till Chiruvee the sparrow decides to punish him in kind for his treachery… Get ready to be introduced to more delightful creatures from the Pachaihara forest and the neigbouring forest of Droom in this tale of fantasy. Experience the thrill of an unlikely alliance that is formed between two beings from two very different worlds as they plan to bring about a change that would shatter beliefs and herald a new beginning…
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Morban from Garalond Book of flames
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Return to the Pachaihara forest to embark on an exhilarating and magical adventure wrought with danger and mystery… Garium and his friends unwittingly stumble upon something very unexpected…A book like no other…that makes Garium give in to its strange and insistent pull, with grave consequences. Soon a power beyond his wildest imagination is unleashed and Droom, Pachaihara and the other realms are swept into a vortex of mayhem and misery. Prepare to embark on a quest laden with danger and magic where nothing is as it seems…
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