A snake by the lake

On a warm and windy summer day
I caught a movement on the way
A shimmer and a glare
It made me stop, stand and stare
To my delight it was a plump and glossy snake
Real…and not some rubbery fake
It was slithering by the cool inviting lake
I held my breath as I fumbled with my bag
I absolutely had to click a snap without any lag
Out dropped the contents…comb, phone and all
I steadied myself, glad I did not fall
The snake turned and looked me in the eye
I let my breath out feeling rather high
In clumsy haste I managed to switch on my camera
My mind conjured up a mini orchestra
“Photo of a magnificent snake…la la la”
Yet I shivered as I wiped the fuzz off my modest lens
I focused, marveling at these woods so dense
For a while…not an inch had the snake moved
But now it rapidly tapped its tail and loudly hissed
“Impatient reptile…” fondly thought I
Finally I clicked away with a happy sigh
Jubilant in my heart and soul
At the wild new addition to my photo roll
The snake ready to leave, swayed its hood
I waved back feeling so very good
Then off it went fluttering like a flag in the breeze
I resumed my walk filled with calm and peace…

© N.RajaRajeshwari 2013/All rights reserved

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