The Veggie Fair

When I was a child without a care
My mother took me to the veggie fair
There were veggies veggies every where
Broccoli, carrots, spinach and more wandered about, here and there
They stomped around uncooked and bare
I saw a lot more than my eyes could bear
It made my hair stand on end…yes it did…It was oh! such a scare
The veggies…they turned around with a rude stare
I said to them…”Eating you is so very unfair”
They looked me in the eye and said with a glare
“Don’t pick and choose but eat us all, so it will be fair”
“Chew us raw or cooked very rare”
“Munch us whole or in a salad chopped up round or square”
“Just eat us all up if you dare”
My mother she smiled and said, as she ruffled my hair
“You can eat your veggies at home, school or anywhere”
“But if you want to have friends…your veggies don’t you share!”

© N.RajaRajeshwari 2013/All rights reserved
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